Prova de nivell Anglés


1. Read the text below about La mansión del inglés. Use the word at the end of the line to form a word that fits into the space in the same line.
Follow the example (0).

There are many websites available on the internet, but Luis and I feel that this one is (0) .


Students who study with us have informed us of steady (1) , and there has also


been a (2) increase in their


(3) to use and understand English.


A big (4) for me, is that


I am not in direct touch with the students (5) .


Of course many are contactable by email, but this is of little (6) because I enjoy the


atmosphere in the classroom. However, I have come to the (7) that my time is being very well spent, and I hope that


the (8) of our experience and high


(9) together with our desire to work


(10) hard, will result in giving you an even better quality of 'on-line' English.


2. Read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there.

If the line is correct, put a at the end of the line. If a line has a word which should NOT be there, write the word at the end of the line. Follow the examples(0) and (00).

0 La Mansión del Inglés is a web site that help you to prepare for the

00 F.C.E. examination. It is a very good way of improving at your grammar,

01 vocabulary and listening skills. It makes up very good sense to

02 try and use an English web sites as much as possible before the exam.

03 Internet is not the only place to have practise English. Read magazines

04 like as Time, Sports Illustrated and Cosmopolitan. An interesting

05 magazine is a great way of improving to your English and so are

06 they books ands newspapers. Read a book in English that you have

07 already being read in Spanish, or find your favourite section in an English

08 newspaper. Read about things you like; sports, fashion, technology,

09 cinema, etc. Reading a lot in English will help you to prepare for the

10 Exam. Do not stop off at all difficult words to look them up in the

11 dictionary. Continue reading and try to understand the general

12 meaning of the text. This may be a bit of difficult at first, but after a while

13 you will be get pleasantly surprised at how your reading improves.

14 We look forward to you visiting us at La Mansión del Inglés where you will

15 find the most biggest selecion of high quality material on the internet.

3. Complete the second sentence so that it has similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given.
You must use between two and five words, including the word given (contractions count as two words).

1. "You made me late, Charles!" said Camilla.


Camilla late.

2. I expect you were exhausted after working all the weekend.


You exhausted after working all the weekend.

3. "I'll see you Saturday night Samantha", said Randy.


Randy see her Saturday night.

4. I don't object to you sleeping with other men.


I you sleeping with other men.

5. Although he was very tired, Pepito agreed to do the shopping.


Pepito agreed to do the shopping tired.

6. This is the first time I've had a siesta.


I'm not a siesta.

7. Could you look after our plants while we are on holiday?


Would you mind our plants while we are on holiday?

8. Jack Nicholson is the best actor in Hollywood.


Nobody in Hollywood Jack Nicholson.

9. My uncle was 65 when he learnt Spanish.


My uncle learnt Spanish 65.

10. "Whose is this Gameboy?" the teacher asked the students.


Who ? the teacher asked the students.

11. They aren't selling tickets for the U2 concert until next week.


Tickets for the U2 concert until next week.

12. Manoli couldn't eat the curry because it was too spicy.


The curry Manoli to eat.

13. I'm sorry I didn't kiss her when I had the chance.


I her when I had the chance.

14. You may have to sleep outside so take a sleeping bag.


Take a sleeping bag sleep outside.

15. The last time I got drunk was eight months ago.


I eight months.