Prova de nivell Anglés


1. Write a suitable word in each sentence.

1. Danny usually 8 or 9 beers on Saturdays.

2. Nice to you.

3. Samantha likes with her rabbit.

4. Excuse me. How is the T-shirt?

5. What do you for a living?

6. Did you see the film on TV last night with Nicolas Cage?
- Yes, I

7. I lunch with Penelope Cruz last week. She paid the bill.

8. George Bush speak English very well.

9. I didn't out last night.

10. Luis and Craig started La Mansión del Inglés about five years

11. you like another beer?
- Yes, please.

12. I must buy Bacardi for the party.

13. you ever been to Mexico?

14. Excuse me, is the nearest cyber café?

2. Tick the word which is different and doesn't belong to the group.









3. Read the following sentences and choose the best option:

  • TRUE (verdadero)
  • FALSE (falso)
  • NO IDEA! (no tengo ni idea / no entiendo la frase.)

1. Banks are often open after 5 pm.

2. A family always has at least two people.

3. If you buy a return train ticket, you probably want to come back.

4. There are twelve days in a month.

5. April comes after March.

6. Walking is an expensive hobby.

7. Harrison Ford is older than Harry Potter.

8. A Ferrari is not as fast as a Fiat.

9. People usually wear socks on their hands.

10. Ernest Hemingway wrote a lot about Spain.

11. Most people have two noses and one arm.

12. You can't make an omelette if you don't break an egg.

13. People never dream when they are sleeping.